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Favorite Polishes & Manicures of 2012

Friday, March 15th, 2013

I’ve finally managed to compile a list of my faves of 2012. Better late than never eh? =) I didn’t take into account when the polishes were released, I just listed those that I’ve worn and that I’ve liked during the year =) And since I haven’t been all that active I’m throwing in some favorite nail art in the mix as well.

So, here’s my list, all the pictures are linked to the original post if you want to take a closer look at something.

A England – Dragon


Love the name, love the color!

Brite Bird – How Can I Resist You?


Answer: I can’t.

Easter manicure


Me having some fun with the dotting tools. In a couple of weeks it’s time for a new Easter manicure!

IsaDora – Icy Lilacs

I just love the shimmer in Icy Lilacs, it’s so pretty!

A Midsummer’s Night Skittle


I love the fun and bright colors in this skittle!

Models Own – Aqua Violet


I just love the colors of this polish!

Gina Tricot – Viva Glam


This is quite a unique shade in my collections, a beautiful silvery gold

A England – Saint George


It’s teal. It has holographic propertis. I love it.

China Glaze – Surfin’ For Boys


The ultimate Summer polish! I love this glowing color!

Jade – Fascinio Violeta


The first Jade polish I tried, and it was love at first sight.

Jade – Magia Negra


Yes, another Jade. But I can’t choose between this one and Fascinio Violeta, they are both stunning!

Wicked Baby Tiger


A fun manicure that I would like to do again with other colors.

China Glaze – Dance Baby


My favorite pink of the year.

Ozotic – 505


Gorgeous color shifts in this one.

Cactus’ Nail Polish – Boron


The bluest holographic polish I have, it’s wonderful! And probably the rarest polish I own as well =)

Essence – Walk On The Wild Side


This is such a beautiful green shade, and the green shimmer really adds an extra dimension to this.

IsaDora – Silk Road


I love the multicolored shimmer in Silk Road!

Lorelei’s Tiara


Definitely one of my all time favorites when it comes to glitters. If you don’t have it I can strongly recommend it!

So, this was 18 different polishes/manicures, I didn’t quite have enough to choose from to get to 20, but I’m hoping to reach 20 next year!

Favorite Polishes & Manicures of 2011

Friday, January 13th, 2012

It may be a little late, but I wanted to go through the posts of last year and list my favorite polishes of the year. It’s quite a mix of new and old polishes, cheap and pricey. The images link to the original posts if you want to take a closer look at something.

So, here they are, in no particular order, my top 10 favorite polishes that I’ve worn in 2011.

China Glaze – Skyscraper:

Gorgeous gorgeous blue glitter.

OPI – The Show Must Go On:

A beautiful duochrome with a great name.

China Glaze – DV8:

Teal and holographic, can it get any better?

Chanel – Péridot:

My most expensive polish so far, but I totally think it was worth it.

Lovie – No 93:

A nice and cheap red/coral polish, it’s perfect for summer.

KleanColor – Metallic Pink & Metallic Purple:

Two in one image here, these are so beautiful, although the pink one did leave a stain.

Orly – It’s Not Rocket Science:

This one had me totally mesmerized, it’s a fantastic duochrome.

China Glaze Ruby Pumps:

I finally got my hands on this red classic!

Isadora – Jaded:

A beautiful creme polish. And oh my, I’ve almost forgot what my nails looked like a year ago!


And then I also wanted to list a few of my favorite manicures as well, so here are 5 of my favorite manicures containing more than one polish.

Space nails:

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise… Oh sorry, I got lost there for a while =) I’m too lazy to write out what polishes that where used, you can find it in the original post.

Nfu Oh #48 on top of KleanColor Metallic Black:

Mmm… Flakies… Seems we’re gonna see a lot of this in 2012, and I welcome it!

KleanColor Mango and some Konad with China Glaze Harmony:

When I first did this manicure I wasn’t sure if it was awful or just really cool. In the end I leaned towards the latter =)

China Glaze White Cap on top of IsaDora  Dazzling Ocean:

It doesn’t look that good in the photos, but it was lovely IRL! I will definitely try out more combinations with White Cap this year.

Nfu Oh #50 on top of Orly Galaxy Girl:

More flakies, I love this combination! Nfu Oh #50 is probably my most used flakie polish.

I was hoping to have time to do a holo Friday post for you, but you will have to do with this old crap for now =) I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!