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Layering with Depend – 2033 Ocean Blue

Friday, August 9th, 2013

This manicure is actually what I have on my tips right now for once. I’ve been wearing IsaDora’s Blue Lagoon for a couple of days and for Kerstin’s Holo Friday I decided to add a coat of Depend 2033 Ocean Blue.  Blue Lagoon is a bright light blue, and with the more dimmed blue color of Ocean Blue it became a nice sky blue shade. I think I’ll stick to using the holographic polishes from Depend for layering as they are quite sheer.

Thankfully the sun has been out today so I could get some nice photos of it:




I absolutely love this combination even if it’s not super holographic.

I wish you all a lovely weekend! I still have one week left of my vacation, so I can take it easy for a few more days before reality catches up again…

Depend – 2036 Ocean Green

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Today I only have some photos shot with flash to show you for Holo Friday, but I hope they will do anyway. This is one of Depend’s holographic polishes, number 2036 with the name Ocean Green, though I think it looks more aqua/blue. I know I’m quite late to the party with trying these out, but I just haven’t got around to it until now. It was pretty sheer so I had to use four coats, next time I’ll definitely be using it for layering.

I love the color of this polish, and the holo effect is really nice:

I have been a bad blogger lately, work is still taking up a lot of time an energy for me so the photos I’ve taken are just stacking up. I hope I’ll get around to produce some more posts soon!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Depend 227 and some more layering

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

I just couldn’t resist picking up Depend 227, it’s a lovely bright green turquoise with silver shimmer. Unfortunately I didn’t really get along with the formula, it was a little too goopy for my taste. I applied two layers and the result was a little uneven, but I was in a hurry when applying it so I could probably have done better than this. I also applied Seche Vite top coat.

I just love this color!

Then I felt like playing some more, so I made a gradient with the light blue turquoise Depend 221:

The colors may be a little off here but I think you can still see the effect.

Then I wanted to try my new CND Effects polish Amethyst Sparkle.

You can’t see much of the sparkle here, it was more obvious IRL. The bottle shows more what it looks like on the nails.

And to top it all of I pulled out my favorite Nfu Oh polish, #50:

This manicure was quite fun to do! I’m sorry I couldn’t get better photos than this.

Bloody Halloween Nails

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Since it’s Halloween I thought I’d post a little idea I had for a bloody Halloween manicure. And since I feel like scaring you all to death I will start by showing you this… my bare nails!

Ah teh horrorz! That’s what you get for always wearing nail polish..

Anyway, I wanted to do a bloody manicure so I used these things:

A blood red polish (Depend no. 19) and a nude polish (Mavala Reno). The pin is used as a dotting tool, as I don’t own a real one.

So what I did was applying one coat of the nude polish, i probably would have needed more coats since my nails still look yellow. But hey, it’s scarier this way =) Then I put a few drops of the red polish onto a piece of paper, and then dipped the pin in it to paint  along my cuticles. I randomly dragged out some of the polish to make it looks like dripping blood.

And here’s the result!

It was really quick and easy. I know the photos suck, but the sun is now hiding from Sweden..

And with this I wish you all a Happy Halloween!

Punk with added bling

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Another excellent polish from L. A. Girl, Punk from the Rockstar collection. A dark blue color full with shimmer. It has some duochrome action going on as well, it shifts a bit to purple in certain angles. It’s quite subtle, but If you look for it you’ll definitely see it! I think I applied four coats to get a real depth in it, and it was fairly easy to work with.

As you can see it’s very glossy, no top coat was used here.

Hopefully you can see some of the purple in the second photo (click thumbnail for larger image!).

Also here you can see a hint of purple to the left.

After wearing this for a few days I felt like doing something more with it, so I pulled out a Depend polish that’s just been sitting in my drawer for a year without being used. The number is 155, and it’s a sheer pink jelly, with silver glitter and flakies in it.

Even more duochrome! The flakies change color between salmon pink,  yellow, and green. I think you’d get a similar result with Nfu Oh 48.

So what do you think? I think it was a pretty fun combination.

L.A. Girl Chromium Green

Friday, August 20th, 2010

This is the first color I’ve bought from the L.A. Girl Metal collection (but it won’t be the last!), and it’s a beautiful green metallic shade with lots of silver microglitter. The color does look a bit more teal in some lights, kind of like Head Banging from the Rockstar collection. The formula is fantastic, it’s easy to apply and you can get full coverage with two coats. L.A. Girl is one of my top favorite brands, the colors and formulas are right up my alley!

As you can see it doesn’t look that green here, but I still think it’s pretty accurate.

This photo is taken in direct sunlight, and I’ve tried to color correct it to show the green shade.

Extra photo to show the color on my toenails at a safe distance =) This is Depends no. 164, which is a beautiful shimmery dark pink color, full of glittery goodness. You can get away with just one coat of this polish, it’s fantastic! I’ll be sure to post some more detailed photos of this next time I wear it.