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Eerie Asylum – A Quick (non)Halloween Look

Monday, October 31st, 2011

I really love Halloween, and had some big plans for doing a fun look, but that didn’t go too well. I had zero inspiration, so to at least do something I picked a few shades from Meow Cosmetics Dance of Death collection. I hardly ever use dark sparkly shades like these, but my, are they gorgeous! I didn’t do such a good job with it though, I’m not used to using Pixie Epoxy  so I think I made a bit of a mess so I couldn’t blend all properly. Ah well, I think it looks cool at a distance =)

Products used
Too Faced – Shadow Insurance
Fyrinnae – Pixie Epoxy on the lids as a sticky base
Meow Cosmetics – Asylum all over lid, except inner corners
Meow Cosmetics – Eerie in outer v and in crease
Meow Cosmetics – Spellbinding on browbone and inner corners, and blended into Asylum
Lumene – Blueberry Curl Mascara on upper and lower lashes
Viva La Diva – Mix & Match Eyebrow Color, medium brown shade used to lightly fill in eyebrows
Urban Decay – 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Lust along outer half of lower lashline (with Eerie on top)
Urban Decay – 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Zero along upper lash line
Rimmel – Soft Kohl eyeliner in Pure White lightly applied on waterline

Want to see some other (and better) looks with Eerie? Check out Phyrra and Make it Fab

Happy Halloween!

Cherry Culture 5 Years Anniversary Sale

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

I got this in my inbox today and thought I would share it in case someone is interested in some shopping:

25% off at Cherry Culture  until September 30th, when you use the code CC5Y. I can highly recommend you take a look at the L. A. Girl polishes, especially the Metal Collection. You can see some of the polishes in these posts:

Sterling Silver Gradient
Iron Red

Chromium Green

Hmm.. my nails look quite shorter in some of those posts.. =)

Other nice things to pick up are the NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils, NYX round lipsticks, Milani’s 3D polishes (I have Cyberspace and Hi-Res so far) and so on.

Happy shopping! I might pick up a few more things even though I placed an order only a month ago.. *shopaholic*


Zodiac Theme – Pisces Look

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Purity is having a Zodiac theme going and today it’s time for Pisces. When I think of Pisces, fish and the color blue pops up, so that’s what I went for in my look. I envisioned my eye as the fish with the tail out in the corners. It was a quick look I made after washing off the eye makeup I wore for work, so my skin doesn’t look too good. It ended up a very soft look, I was considering using a really dark blue for the fish shape but I kinda liked the soft and “blurry” look.

Meow – Pampered Puss foundation in Frisky Chartreux (or whatever’s left of it…)

Too Faced – Shadow Insurance
Nyx – Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil in Milk applied on lower waterline, and blended on inner half of lid
Meow Cosmetics – Birdsong on inner two thirds of the lid, and inside of the tails
Meow Cosmetics – Sleeping In on outer third of lid
Meow Cosmetics – Dolphin in crease, contour of the fish tail, and under lower lashline
Everyday Minerals – Floating Feathers on brow bone, inner corners, and applied on top of Bird Song, and under lower lasline
Lumene – Blueberry Curl Mascara on upper and lower lashes
Viva La Diva – Mix & Match Eyebrow Color, medium brown shade used to lightly fill in eyebrows

MNY – My Tube Gloss in 686 (A light minty green shimmer)

I apologize for the weird coloring in the photos, I haven’t really got acquainted with my new compact camera yet.

And a sleepy looking close-up:

It’s in no way a masterpiece, but it was fun to do and I finally got to use some of my blue shadows, I usually stay away from them as I think they clash a little with my eyecolor.

Some Swatches Of Isadora Light Touch Natural Radiant Make-Up SPF 15

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

I’ve seen a lot of posts about this new foundation from Isadora, and when I went past them at the super market I decided to make some quick swatches of three of the shades. I also had my Flawless Finish Foundation from ELF in my purse, which I find is a fairly good match for me when applied lightly, so I put that on as well for comparison. The photos are taken after I came home, unfortunately the sun was pretty much gone so you’ll have to do with poor indoor lighting.

The top mess is ELF Flawless Finish Foundation in Sand, which looks quite a bit lighter than the Isadora shades. And then we have the Light Touch Foundation swatches:
Bottom row L-R: 50 Nude, 51 Beige, 52 Sand.

I tried to swatch them on my face as well:

Unblended, L-R: ELF Sand, Isadora 50 Nude, 51 Beige, 52 Sand.

Blended slightly, L-R: ELF Sand, Isadora 50 Nude, 51 Beige, 52 Sand.

The ELF swatch looks quite yellow on me but I think it helps to even out the pink overtones in my face. My face really doesn’t match my body…

I’ve actually only used one liquid foundation in the past, and that was Lorea’l True Match in C1 Rose Ivory. After a while I realized though that it was too pink for me, so I think I should go for more yellow tones.

I may pick up this foundation in either Nude or Beige, I haven’t really decided which one looks the best yet. I’m hoping they’ll melt in and not look quite as dark as they appear to be. Have anyone of you tested this foundation yet?

A Colorful Eye Look With UD 15th Anniversary Palette

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

My, that was an imaginative headline.. I didn’t know what to call this post really. I was playing around with my latest love last weekend and ended up using six of the shadows in the 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection. I don’t think I’ve ever used that many at once!

Urban Decay – Primer Potion all over lid and blended up to the browbone
Urban Decay – Flow on inner half of eyelid, and under the inner part lower lashline
Urban Decay – Junkshow on outer half of lid, blended into Flow
Urban Decay – Deep End in crease
Urban Decay – Omen in lower part of the crease and outer v
Urban Decay – Half Truth in outer v
Urban Decay – Vanilla in inner corners and on browbone
Urban Decay – 24/7 pencil eyeliner along outer half of lower lashline, with Omen on top
Isadora – Inliner Kajal in Blond on lower waterline
Smashbox – Hyperlash Mascara
ELF – Cream eyeliner in Black (I think it is, my memory is bad..)
Viva La Diva – Mix & Match Eyebrow Color

I see that I should have taken the eyeliner a bit further in, but other than that I’m pretty happy with this look.

It’s not really a look I would wear at work, but I could definitely sport this at a party!

Eye Look – Omen and Flow

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Here’s a quick eye look I made with the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette. Something tells me I’ll be using Flow and Omen a lot when I want a little pop of color on an ordinary day.

Urban Decay – Primer Potion all over lid and blended up to the browbone
Urban Decay – Flow on inner half of eyelid
Urban Decay – Omen on outer third of eyelid and in crease
Urban Decay – Vanilla in inner corners and on browbone
Urban Decay – Half Truth as eyeliner along upper lashline
Isadora – Inliner Kajal in Blond on lower waterline
Lumene – Blueberry Curl Waterproof Mascara on upper lashes
Isadora – Clear Conditioning Mascara on lower lashes

First two photos are taken with flash:

This is taken without flash:

Urban Decay 15-Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection!

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

You guessed right, it’s the 15th Anniversary palette from Urban Decay! I fell in love with this palette when I first saw it, and I just couldn’t resist getting it from Ebay. It wasn’t cheap, but I do find it worth the money I paid for it. Prepare for a lot of photos!

The palette comes in a purple velvet casing, which makes it feel quite luxurious.

Don’t you just love the design? The lid is quite reflective, and I warn you, there will be fingerprints!

This is what the palette looks like, 15 brand new eyeshadows!

You can actually lift off the palette since there’s a velvet compartment underneath, not that I have any idea what I’d put there. I can’t get it open without using something small and pointy. It looks like this:

I took this photo on another day if you wonder why the shadows look messed up here.

Click on the following photo to see the shadows more up close:

I’ve also tried doing some swatches, I hope I got them fairly accurate. If you want some better quality I suggest you check out Phyrra’s swatches of this palette. The color descriptions are from Urban Decay’s site. The swatches were made on top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Row 1 L-R: Midnight Rodeo (medium metallic brown w/silver and gold glitter), Tainted (pale matte purple with golden shimmer), Deeper (deep shimmery golden brown)

Row 2 L-R: Midnight 15 (oyster pearl w/silver glitter), Junkshow (bright pink w/fuchsia shift), M.I.A (soft shimmery dark brown)

Row 3 L-R: Vanilla (shimmery white gold), Omen (shimmery metallic bright purple w/blue shift), Ace (dark gunmetal shimmer)

Unfortunately you don’t see that much of Vanilla in my photo, but it is a beautiful light yellow/golden highlighter.

And then we have the last two rows in the palette:

Row 1 L-R: Flow (soft peach shimmer), Evidence (deep metallic blue), Blackout (darkest, most saturated black)
Row 2 L-R: Chase (metallic bright bronze), Deep End (bright teal shimmer), Half Truth (shimmery smoky purple)

Evidence and Deep End doesn’t look quite right in the photo above, they’re a bit too blue. The next photo shows the colors a bit better:

As with most Urban Decay eyeshadows these are wonderful! The color payoff is great, and there are some lovely duochromes in there. There are no major glitter bombs, the only glittery shades are Midnight Rodeo and Midnight 15, but it’s nowhere near the amount glitter in Midnight Cowboy or Uzi for example.

I really love the mix of neutral and bright colors, which makes it suitable both for everyday looks, and for some more colorful party looks. My favorite shadows are Junkshow, Omen, Flow, Deep End, Midnight 15, and Half Truth.

Do you have your eyes set on this palette?

Guess what this is!

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

I couldn’t help myself, I just had to hunt down this precious thing on Ebay.. Can you see what it is?

A Little MAC Haul

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

I picked up a couple of things while I was at Åhléns City in Gothenburg last week, the eyeshadow Orb and the lipstick Ever Hip from the Fashion Flower collection. It’s Kerstin’s fault I got cravings for this lipstick! =)

Ever Hip is a nice pinky coral shade.

Orb is a pinky/beige/nudish color.

I swatched them both on my hand:

Ever Hip has the Cremesheen finish, but since I’m a MAC newb I’m not that familiar with how it compares to others. The only other MAC lipsticks I have so far are the Viva Glam lipsticks Gaga and Cyndi, which are both Lustres.

Orb has a satin finish, but it looks quite matte. I will probably be using this as an all over eye shadow.

And finally a photo with Ever Hip on the lips:

Yes I’m fuzzy, and proud of it!

Beauty UK Haul

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

After seeing the lovely swatches by Nihrida of the pearl eyeliners from Beauty UK, I had to check them out for myself. And I rarely even use liquid eyeliners! I decided to get three of them, and I also got myself one of the palettes and a lip gloss.

Here we have the pearl eyeliners:

From left to right: Oceania, Purple Haze and Blue Lagoon. Aren’t they gorgeous?

They have a felt tip applicator that looks like this:

I’m not really used to wearing liquid eyeliners, but I like this type of tip compared to more brush like applicators.

The Pastel Eyeshadow Palette:

I really like the selection of colors in this palette. It’s also quite small and I think this one will be great for travel.

And last but not least, a Lip Lust in the shade Envy:

I’m not really that fond of lip glosses in general, and especially not sticky ones, but I really like this one. It’s just enough stickiness for me to handle. The color is a dark pink/berry shade with lots of shimmer in it, and it’s quite pigmented. The gloss smells sweet and fruity, but you don’t notice it that much on the lips. It has a sponge tip applicator that’s fairly easy to use, but I find squeezing the tube to be a bit difficult as the plastic packaging is quite hard. Or maybe it’s just me that’s weak =)

So, want to see some swatches? Some really bad swatches?

This photo is taken inside with flash. Left to right: Pearl eyeliners in Purple Haze, Blue Lagoon and Oceania, and Lip Lust in Envy.

This one is taken in the shade outside (I’ve also reapplied the gloss). And let me tell you, these eyeliners won’t budge at all once they’ve dried! But they’re still not too difficult to get off, I use Lorea’l Eye & Lip Makeup Remover – Waterproof for the removal.

And here are some really crappy swatches of the palette, with some shadows out of focus:

The two brown shadows on the left are the ones I find most pigmented. I know that the pink is hardly visible on my swatch but you do see more of it IRL. So, most of the shadows aren’t super pigmented, but considering that these are light pastel shades I find it acceptable. They also don’t feel chalky so that’s a big plus.

I tried doing a quick look with the palette and an eyeliner, so this is shadow number two and three from the top row, plus the Purple Haze eyeliner:

As you can see I didn’t wear any other makeup at the time..

Lip Lust Envy on the lips:

A close-up of my lip so you can see the shimmer:

All in all I’m happy with my purchase, and I will probably check out more of their products. I payed £19.49 for all of this including shipping, and I think you get really good value for you money.

Have you tried anything from Beauty UK?