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Zoya – Kimber

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

I’m still digging through photos from the past year to edit for the blog, it’s nice to have something to fall back on when there’s hardly any light to photograph in these days. Here’s a polish that I wore a few months back, the beautiful Kimber from Zoya’s Surf Collection. From what I can tell the color is a mix of coral, red and pink, and it’s filled with orange/golden shimmer. I don’t remember the number of coats, but if I would guess it’s probably my usual three with Seche Vite on top.

Just look at that beautiful shimmer!

Zoya Rica & Orly Emberstone

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

This manicure is from June, I’m still wading through photos from these past few months. The main color here is the orange/coral/pink? Rica from Zoya, and as an accent on my ring fingers I’ve used the warm red Orly Emberstone. I paired these as I thought the golden/orange shimmer in Emberstone looked similar to Rica. I probably did three or four thin coats to get some nice depths in these polishes.

I’m not too happy with these photos, but I hope you can see some of their beauty. First a couple of shots in the sun:

And the last ones are in indirect light:

A closeup from the last photo:

The multi-colored shimmer in Emberstone is quite stunning, I love the mix of pink and gold shimmer.

Zoya Adina

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

I’ve had this polish for over a year and haven’t used it until now! It’s the purple/green duochrome Zoya Adina, and it’s absolutely lovely to look at. To be honest I’m not sure how many layers I did, but probably three or four plus top coat (a sticky Seche Vite). I found the formula to be a little thin, but easy to apply. I wish I could have snapped some better pictures of it, but these will have to do.

In natural light. Looks like I got some shrinkage going on.

With flash.

Weird angle in natural light, here it looks more like a plum purple. Do you see my tiny thumbnail?

I’ve been quite absent from the blogging for a while, I hope I’ll have time to stock up on some fun things to show you on my vacation, which is only two weeks away now.. and I wouldn’t mind spending some time like this:

Lazy Lakrits

Zoya Ki

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

I wore Zoya Ki a few weeks ago, but I haven’t got around to fix the photos until now. This is my first Zoya polish, and I’m in looove! This is a shimmer polish with a beautiful duochrome effect, the base is a dark purple and changes into green in certain angles. I would say the colors are a little dusty, but in a good way! When I first put it on I didn’t see much of the green, it does need the right lighting for it. But I think I managed to capture it in these photos. I have no top coat on, only Seche Base and probably three, four layers of the polish (my memory sucks!). I’m pretty sure thought that I didn’t have problems with the drying time.

On my index finger you can see a third shade, dark brownish something.

This photo shows some more of the green shade. It was so cool to have one hand look purple, and the other green at times =)

I really need some more duochrome polishes in my collection, I have Zoya Adina which I haven’t tried yet, but I think it will be a favorite, too. Do you have any favorite duochromes?