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Models Own – Emerald Black with Extras

Monday, September 17th, 2012

I’m still digging around my old photos, and found this manicure from last year. Models Own Emerald Black is a very dark emerald green, hence the name. I’m pretty sure I did three coats. It’s definitely the least duochrome polish from the Beetlejuice collection, but you can get some blue to show in some angles.

Here you can see the blue tone in a more extreme angle. In most cases it will just look green, but that’s not so bad since it’s a beautiful green.


I decided to spice it up a little, so I added a coat or two of the flakie polish Nfu Oh 52, which has similar color shifts in green and blue. Beware of pic spam!

Here you can start to see some of the blue tones in the flakies and shimmer, in the next two photos with sunlight you can see even more of the blue shift:

This is me trying to do an Alizarine again, but my pinky just can’t pull it off.

Shame on me for not showing this earlier!

Pimping Up Galaxy Girl With Nfu Oh #50

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

I wanted to play with some flakies again, so I put a layer of Nfu Oh #50 on top of Orly Galaxy Girl. I really like the result!

The flakes don’t stand out that much in this mani, but it gives it something extra.

The orange you see in this photo is just a reflection from a lamp.

I also used this Nfu Oh polish on top of H&M’s Fashionista, which you can see in this blog post.

Punk with added bling

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Another excellent polish from L. A. Girl, Punk from the Rockstar collection. A dark blue color full with shimmer. It has some duochrome action going on as well, it shifts a bit to purple in certain angles. It’s quite subtle, but If you look for it you’ll definitely see it! I think I applied four coats to get a real depth in it, and it was fairly easy to work with.

As you can see it’s very glossy, no top coat was used here.

Hopefully you can see some of the purple in the second photo (click thumbnail for larger image!).

Also here you can see a hint of purple to the left.

After wearing this for a few days I felt like doing something more with it, so I pulled out a Depend polish that’s just been sitting in my drawer for a year without being used. The number is 155, and it’s a sheer pink jelly, with silver glitter and flakies in it.

Even more duochrome! The flakies change color between salmon pink,  yellow, and green. I think you’d get a similar result with Nfu Oh 48.

So what do you think? I think it was a pretty fun combination.

Oh Fashionista!

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Fashionista from H&M is one of my favorite purple polishes at the moment, so I decided to put that on. But it had gone a little thick and I totally messed up my nails. What to do? Well, why not save it with some flakies! Said and done, I chose Nfu Oh #50 which is a purple based jelly with turqoise flakes in it. It’s fairly easy to get an even coverage of the flakes. A couple of them ended up over the edge of the nails, but you can just cut them off.

Isn’t it just lovely?

After I took these photos it was cleaning time, and as you all know this involves a big risk of nails flying..

.. And I killed my thumb nail. So from here on my nails will look a little shorter, as I like to keep them even in length.