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Color Club – Tangerine Scream

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

How about an old goodie today? This is Color Club Tangerine Scream from the Electro Candy collection, which I think was released back in 2009. It was one of the first Color Club polishes I bought a few years ago, and I hadn’t tried it until now!  This is an orange neon with shimmer that looks a bit green in the bottle. When you wear it it mostly looks like silver shimmer but in some lights you can see the green shift. I really like how the shimmer softens the orange color, I feel that it makes it more wearable if you don’t want the neon to be too much in your face.

I was afraid this would be very sheer on its own, so I started off with Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat, and then applied three coats of Tangerine Scream. But I think it covered pretty well actually, there wasn’t  much of a VNL. As it’s a neon it dries a little matte, but I liked the effect so I skipped the top coat. Of course I bumped into something with my nails so I got a little dent, but it wasn’t that bad.

Let me tell you, it was not easy to get the color right on the photos. Here’s a shot in the sun:


The next two photos are in the shade:



Why do I wait so long to use gorgeous polishes like this?

Gina Tricot – Pretty Sweet and some China Glaze – Orange You Hot?

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Here are some more old photos that I’ve dug up. Gina Tricot is a soft apricot color with shimmer, I wore this back in July and I don’t remember much from the application, but the photos show that I had problems.. I think it’s three coats, and with an old Seche Vite top coat the result is anything else but even. Anyway, the color is really pretty and I’m definitely going to give it another try some time.

I was wearing this when I got my lovely summer neons from China Glaze, and decided to quickly slap on a coat of Orange You Hot? to see what it looked like. It’s a bright shimmery orange:

I really need to try this out on its own, the uneven base doesn’t really do it justice here.

Zoya Rica & Orly Emberstone

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

This manicure is from June, I’m still wading through photos from these past few months. The main color here is the orange/coral/pink? Rica from Zoya, and as an accent on my ring fingers I’ve used the warm red Orly Emberstone. I paired these as I thought the golden/orange shimmer in Emberstone looked similar to Rica. I probably did three or four thin coats to get some nice depths in these polishes.

I’m not too happy with these photos, but I hope you can see some of their beauty. First a couple of shots in the sun:

And the last ones are in indirect light:

A closeup from the last photo:

The multi-colored shimmer in Emberstone is quite stunning, I love the mix of pink and gold shimmer.

Some Konad Practice

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

While I was wearing KleanColor Mango I wanted to practise some more on my non-existent Konad skillz, so my right hand ended up with some black stars:

They’re far from perfect, but with time I may be confident enough to do a real manicure with stamping. I used Konad’s special polish in black, and stamped with the M3 plate.

I was also curious about how it would work to stamp with a normal polish, so I chose China Glaze Harmony for my left hand. Being a kitty lover I tried out the leopard pattern on plate M57. As it didn’t cover my longest nails I improvised some french tips with with a sponge.

Please excuse the mess around my nails, the light was slipping away so I had to hurry up to take some photos.

I’m not really sure if it’s absolutely awful or a little cool. But it was fun to do!

KleanColor Mango

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

The next KleanColor polish I tried was the orange creme Mango. This is such a bright and fun color! I don’t know if it was due to my incompetence, but I ended up with four coats as it got a bit streaky. Other than that I had no problems with the formula. I put on Fast Forward top coat but I did get some tiny sheet marks the next morning (I did my nails in the evening), but a second layer of top coat fixed that.

I took all the photos in sunlight:

Yes, my fingers take on a slightly sick shade with this polish on.. But who cares? Not me =)



KleanColor Holo Orange On Top Of Sun Orange

Monday, August 15th, 2011

So, the reason I wanted to show you Isadora Sun Orange first is because I later paired it with KleanColor Holo Orange. I figured this polish was quite sheer so I just added one coat on top of Sun Orange. The base color of Holo Orange took away some of the yellow in Sun Orange and made it a slightly deeper shade of orange. And wow, is this gorgeous or what!

Fortunately the sun was shining outside so I could get some nice sunny photos. I wouldn’t really call this holographic, it’s more like holographic glitter particles in a colored base, but it doesn’t make it less beautiful! Prepare for some picspam!

It was really hard to capture all the colors, but they’re there.

And to really show all the colors I took a couple of photos out of focus:

I definitely want more of these holo polishes!

Isadora Sun Orange

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Before I start posting any images of KleanColor manicures I wanted to show you this Isadora polish first. It’s the beautiful shimmery Sun Orange, which has been on sale at Kicks and Åhléns lately. I actually picked it up one day but put it back. I changed my mind and when I got to my local store next time it was gone! But I finally managed to find it in another store.

I went for four coats plus China Glaze Fast Forward top coat. I put on a little thicker coat on my ring finger and that resulted in some bubbling, so for me it was better to stick to sheerer coats.

In full sunlight.

Inside without flash, you can see a bit of VNL here.

I’ve never really been fond of these types of yellow orange tones before, but I really like this!

Lovie No 93

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

I wanted a color with a summer feel on my nails, so my choice fell on Lovie no 93. I’ve never tried this brand before, apparently it’s Greek, and I got it att ÖoB of all places (Swedish store Överskottsbolaget) for 39 SEK. It’s an orange coral shade, and my first impression is quite good. The brush isn’t too wide, the formula was nice and went on smooth. I applied three coats and then topped it with Seche Vite. There was a bit of VNL but I don’t know if a fourth coat would have made any difference. The color isn’t quite as bright as it may appear on the photos, but you definitely notice it! I’m guessing it’s quite similar to Eyeko Coral Polish, if you have that one.

Photo taken with flash.

Some sunlight.

More sunlight!

And after a few days I wanted something more on my nails, so I put on a sticker from Depend. All in all, this is a manicure that makes me happy when I look at it!