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Bonbon Mint.. and Hunt for the Holy Mint

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

When I saw the promos for Isadora’s spring collection Fanciful I knew I had to have the Bonbon Mint polish. I love mint green shades, and especially shimmery ones. I have a 10+ year old polish from a line called Metro Pastels that is a wonderful shimmery light green. Only half of the bottle is left and I’ve been searching desperately for a dupe. While Bonbon Mint is a little similar, it’s still too blue to match my old treasure, but it’s still very beautiful! I will show you further down what it looks like, but first on to Bonbon Mint!

Personally I hate the Wide Brush polishes from Isadora, but it went fairly well to apply this one anyway. I think the trick is to go for less and thicker coats, I went for two here. Top coat is Seche Vite as usual.

This is a really beautiful spring shade!

Here’s my old darling that I’ve been trying to find a replacement for:

Metro Pastels was a cosmetics line that was sold at Swedish Åhléns about 10-15 years ago, they had this, a pearly white, and a gold that I can remember. The polish is quite sheer so it needs quite some coats to get full coverage.

Here’s a shot of all the light green/blue shimmery polishes that I have so far (I need more!):

From left to right: Depend no 225, Isadora Bonbon Mint, Metro Pastels no 5, CND Aqua Jet.

The other polishes I have are either too green or too blue. Do you know of a polish that would come close to the Metro Pastels, or is my best option a frankenpolish maybe? I’ve been eyeing Milani’s Dress Maker but it’s probably too dark.