Wow.. what a computer! For those of you who don't have any idea of what I'm talking about, I can tell you that Commodore 64 was a home computer that was very popular in the 80's. It was the hottest stuff until Amiga 500 came. 64 stands for the RAM, which was 64 kB. Not so much with other words, but it was enough to play fantastic games! And speaking about the colour depth, all in all 16 colours... With today's computers the C64 seems like stone age, but there's something special about it. I got very happy when I discovered C64 emulators for PC. The only thing missing for a complete experience is the TAC-2! Sure, the C64 and the peripherals are still alive but they belong to my mother, and she's not willing to give them up so easily =)

Do you also want to play C64 games on your PC? Then I recommend the emulator CCS64. It's pretty simple to understand once you've learnt what to do. A tip: You get to the menu by pressing F9.
Okay, you have an emulator, but no games. No problem! Surf to C64.com or Lemon and choose among all the nice games there.

Here's a list of some of my favourite games: