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Catrice – Steel My Soul

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Chaosophia of One Inch Nails wanted to see Steel My Soul, so that’s where I’m starting with the polishes that I bought in Germany. On the top of the cap it says “Brushed Metal Effect” and I think this is a fairly new polish that came out this Fall. It’s a light mauve taupe color with golden shimmer in it. So, what’s this brushed metal effect? It dries semi-matte (and pretty quick), and it does have a bit of a gritty feeling. I don’t really mind that as I think it’s interesting with some texture. To be honest I don’t think it looks that good up close, but at a distance it looks really cool. The formula is a little thick, and since it dries fast you need to be generous with the coats and don’t be too slow, or else there’s a risk of making a mess. I ended up with two-three coats on my nails.

It was a grey boring day so I did my best with the little light that was present.

I added a coat och Seche Vite to my index and ring finger nails, to see what it looks like with a shiny top coat on. The shimmer is more subdued, and the base color gets a little deeper.

An extra photo where I managed to capture some sunshine that bothered to show up for a couple of minutes:

Which do you think looks best? Up close i definitely prefer it glossy, but at a distance I really like the texture and color, it looks “natural” in some weird way, plus the shimmer is more prominent.

Viva La Diva – no. 11

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

I was a little surprised when I realized that this was a matte polish, but I think it looked pretty cool. In the bottle it looks like a really bright hot pink, but on the nails it looked more red. It’s possible that my base affected it (Seche Base) but I’m not sure.  Anyway, it was really hard to capture the color, it seems to have a radioactive glow on all the photos! The polish was quite sheer, so there is some VNL (Visible nail line) which I’m not too happy about. The model in this photo is a random bug found wandering around in my home =)