I’m alive, I think..

January 17th, 2013

I didn’t mean to be so quiet on this new year, but an evil cold struck me a couple of weeks ago so I’ve been best buddies with the bed for a while. I’m still planning on doing a top list of last years favorites, I’ll just need some more time to think it through =) I feel that the longer the break gets, the harder it is for me to get back to blogging.

And while I’m at it, a little update on my nails. My nails were way too long a couple of months ago, which resulted in me breaking both of my thumb nails. During the holidays the crack in my right thumbnail had almost reached the end of my nail bed, and it decided it was time to give up:


And with this I decided it was time to shorten my nails. So yes, be prepared for some short nails when I have some new manicures to show you. I actually kinda like it, the feeling when rubbing my kitties’ bellies with my fingertips.. aaaah.. =)

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  1. Chaosophia says:

    Det ser ut att ha gjort ont? :/ Men jag ser ändå fram emot att se dina naglar i en kortare tappning. Vet inte ens om jag sett dem korta förut..?

    Klippte själv bort en hel del på längden idag, så jag förstår känslan av korta naglar även om jag inte har några fina djurmagar att klappa på.
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    • roxcat says:

      Det var inte så farligt faktiskt, och första veckan satte jag på en lösnagel för att skona tippen på nagelbädden. Jag har inte haft så här korta naglar sedan jag började blogga, så det blir nog världspremiär när jag lägger upp nåt nytt snart =)

  2. OUCH! That must be very irritating to file down all of your nails after breaking just two of them. They take so long to grow back!
    Vulcan_Butterfly recently posted..Cyber Goth Clubbing in MontrealMy Profile

    • roxcat says:

      I didn’t feel so bad about it actually. I’d known for a while that I had to do it, and I know that they’ll grow back out, they always do =) I need less remover now, that’s a plus!

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