Google Friend Connect is no more for non-Blogger blogs

February 28th, 2012

I know I’m quite late with this information, but apparently Google has decided to retire Google Friend Connect for all blogs that are not hosted on Blogger (which mine isn’t), effective from March 1st. So what does this mean? If you use your Blogger dashboard for reading the blogs you follow, blogs that are not hosted on Blogger will most probably disappear from your list. The neat little follower widget in my sidebar will also cease to function, so I won’t be seeing your pretty faces (and nails) any more.

So what can you do? You can subscribe to my blog via my RSS feed, there is a permanent link to it in my sidebar. From there you are able to add it to Google Reader for example, or any other preferred RSS reader. You can also subscribe via Bloglovin.

Personally I’ve started using Bloglovin to keep track of all the blogs I read. If you want a simple plugin for keeping track of all the RSS feeds I could also recommend the Sage plugin for Firefox, it shows a simple list with links to the latest blog posts for the blogs you’ve added.

Will this change effect you, either in your blogging or blog reading?

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