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January 25th, 2011

So I’ve gone one week now with a more squoval (mix of square and oval) shape on my nails, as opposed to the round shape that I’ve always had before. I thought it would be fun to write down my experiences of this  life-changing transformation from round to squoval, so here are some comparisons:

Looks: Personally it’s a tie, but other people seem to prefer a more square form.
Handling necklaces: Squoval. It’s so much easier to open and hold a clasp now, I don’t have to ask my fiance to do it for me.
Scratching fiance’s back: A tie.
Pulling out hairs from my leg (Yes, I’m gross): Round. I have troubles getting a grip on tiny things now, I guess I will need a new technique for that.
Killing evil zits (Yep, still gross): Leaning towards round. To be honest I didn’t actually kill any lately. But if one mocks me I’m not always so forgiving…
Durability: The following photo is from a nail break with round tips:

Not such a bad break, most of the nail is still there. And here’s from a break last week:

The nail was more square when it happened, I just filed it down a bit here. This is a bad break that made the nail come loose from the nail bed. Guess which one I think is the winner here? Well, I guess I can’t blame it on the shape based on one nail fail, but I’ll do it anyway =)

Conclusion: Wanna be less gross? Be square!


2 Responses to “My Conclusions”

  1. sminkjante says:

    Vilken rolig jämförelse. Jag trodde faktiskt att en “rakare” nagel var mer hållbar, tydligen inte!
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    • roxcat says:

      Det är mycket möjligt att det ändå håller bättre i längden. En teori jag har är att det kanske lättare flisar sig med runda tippar, men om man faktiskt bryter en rakare nagel så blir skadan värre? Jag får se hur det går med framtida skador helt enkelt =)

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