Zoya Ki

October 13th, 2010

I wore Zoya Ki a few weeks ago, but I haven’t got around to fix the photos until now. This is my first Zoya polish, and I’m in looove! This is a shimmer polish with a beautiful duochrome effect, the base is a dark purple and changes into green in certain angles. I would say the colors are a little dusty, but in a good way! When I first put it on I didn’t see much of the green, it does need the right lighting for it. But I think I managed to capture it in these photos. I have no top coat on, only Seche Base and probably three, four layers of the polish (my memory sucks!). I’m pretty sure thought that I didn’t have problems with the drying time.

On my index finger you can see a third shade, dark brownish something.

This photo shows some more of the green shade. It was so cool to have one hand look purple, and the other green at times =)

I really need some more duochrome polishes in my collection, I have Zoya Adina which I haven’t tried yet, but I think it will be a favorite, too. Do you have any favorite duochromes?

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