My first Morgana haul!

October 28th, 2010

I’ve been eyeing Morgana Minerals for a while, and after the name switch to Morgana Cryptoria I finally placed a small order, consisting of six eyeshadow samples and two vegan lipsticks. So here’s my crappy try at photographing the products:

I just had to show the business card, since it’s got some Poser art on it. I doodle with that myself and I love seeing works of it outside the Poser community =)

I’ve been quite interested in trying Morgana’s lipsticks, and the choice fell on the two new shades Cotton Candy and Otherworldly. I also ordered the following eyeshadow samples (same order as in pic):

Cryptic, Harbinger, She Creature
Shining Armor , Winifred, LE#7

I haven’t tried these yet, but at first sight they look lovely!

What I do have is some more photos of the lipsticks. First some close-ups (click for bigger version):

These are taken with flash, and Otherworldly looks a little lighter than it really is here.

Cotton Candy is a medium pink with silver sparkles in it, I love it! This is a shade that’s pretty much “work safe”.

I’ll be wearing this a lot!

And then we have Otherworldly, which is a dark purple with blue sparkle in it. On the site it says that this has a grape scent, but I associate it with some kind of incense, like the scent in a random new age store. Anyone know what I mean? =) Anyway, here’s what it looks like on my lips:

This photo is taken on another day in different lighting (ah I look creepy!)

The lipsticks don’t dry out my lips, which I was a bit afraid of since I have pretty dry lips to begin with. So thumbs up for that!

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