My name is Martina Karlsson and I'm mostly called Tina. I'm 38 years old and I now live in Kållered together with my boyfriend David, and cat Lakrits (Liquorice). I was born and raised in Halmstad, an that city will always be dear to me. I've studied Optional Informatics at Halmstad University, and now it's time for working life again. My goal is to work with web development and graphic design.


Roxette has been my favourite group for many years, and they will probably remain that. There's nothing better than Gessle's wonderful creations =) But I do listen to other artists as well, there's not much music that I don't like. I'm very weak for 80's music. Other things I listen to are pop, rock, synth pop, EBM, trance and dance. I especially like synth and other electronica, for example S.P.O.C.K, Apoptygma Berzerk, Covenant, Depeche Mode, Juno Reactor, and Chicane.


In my spare time I mostly sit by my computer and do a little of everything. I'm very interested in programming and web development, I've tried for example Java, C++, ASP and ASP.NET, and this page I've done in PHP. Other interests I have are photographing and drawing, and you can find some of my work on this site. I also make pictures with Poser, this I have a separete site for. Feel free to visit roxcat's poser pages.


Where does the name roxcat come from? As I wrote earlier I'm a big fan of Roxette, and cats have always been among my favourite animals. By combining these I came up with the name that I've used on the Internet since the beginning of this millenium.

Miscellaneous unnecessary things to know about me: I'm crazy about cows, cats and dragons... =) I belong to the Långaryd family which is the biggest documented family in the world.