Cats, these wonderful creatures... I've always loved cats, and after 20 years I finally got the opportunity to take care of my very own kitty. I chose the youngest one in a litter of seven, while my friend took nr 2. These brothers got the tasteful names Lakrits (Liquorice)and Mango and are now 18 years och and 3 months. You can hardly believe that they're brothers when you see them. Lakrits is a black and white cat weighing 6 kilos, and Mango is a small red tabby at about 4 kilos with a gigantic tail. They now live in seperate homes, but they go on vacation to see each other from time to time. Below you can see some pictures from the "Family Album" =)

One of the first pictures of Lakrits. He looks like a little troll =)

What do you mean with big ears??

The love of brothers..