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Tip wear and some layering ideas

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Before I took Pelican Gray off I wanted to try it as a base for some layering, as I thought a light grey would be perfect to try some different things on. This was actually after 13 days of wear, with three coats of Pelican Gray and one coat of Seche Vite. I had a lot to do recently and I just didn’t have time for my nails. Not too bad huh?

I guess this proves how little I do… =)

Anyway, I picked a few random polishes from my stash to try out:

Left to right: Max Factor Dazzling Blue, OPI Not Like The Movies, China Glaze Frosty, Nfu Oh #50.

I see now that the Nfu Oh bottle is facing the wrong way, but at least you can admire the pretty lacing on the back =)

And here they are layered in the same order on my nails, one coat each:

Not Like The Movies would probably need another coat to look good. Dazzling Blue is looking a bit uneven and would probably have needed an extra coat as well. The flakies looked okay, but it wasn’t the best pairing I’ve seen. My favorite combination of these is probably Pelican Gray + Frosty, as it turned out a beautiful light silver.