Sunshine Award – a little late…

August 20th, 2013

When I went through my drafts I found this little post that had been forgotten. The sweet Sminkan gave me a Sunshine Award a couple of months ago, and it seems that I didn’t get around to actually posting about it. I’m too lazy to write this post in both Swedish and English so I hope I’m excused =)


The rules are the following:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award
  • Put the award badge on your blog
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 5 or more blogs that have inspired you

First of all, thank you Sminkan! It means a lot to me since you’re one of the first bloggers that I started following a few years back, and it’s always a joy to read your posts and look at your wonderful photos.

So, here are 7 random facts about me:

1. I love the gothic Bleeding Edge dolls and figurines. I don’t have a big collection, but whenever the mood strikes me (and I have the money for it) I will order something from Ebay. They make the little goth girl in me happy =)

2. I’m insanely afraid of heights. My fear of spiders have gotten better over the years, especially since moving to a house, but I still can’t cope with ladders and other situations where I feel like I can fall to my death. This feeling occurs when my feet are about a meter above the ground, so I still have to work on that..

3. I don’t like cheese. I can  enjoy cream cheese and the more tasteless types of cheese on my sandwich, but when it comes to hot cheese sauces, or parmesan cheese I just want to throw up. Eww.

4. I’m really shy, but it’s slowly getting better. I try to push myself to meet new people whenever I can, but then we have that other thing that concerns actually talking to them =) I think my main problem is that I find myself boring and don’t have much to tell about my own life.

5. Cats are my favorite animal. No kidding? =) I have two wonderful tuxedo cats by the names Sisco and Lakrits (means licorice in Swedish). Sisco’s name is a mix between Cisco Systems (computer geekery) and captain Benjamin Sisko in the TV Series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (sci-fi geekery).

6. I absolutely love licorice! Sweet licorice, salt licorice, in all forms and shapes! It’s no wonder I named one of my cats after this tasty thing.

7. Stargate SG-1 is my top favorite sci-fi show. I just love all the main characters in that show.

When it comes to the nominating I’m pretty sure that most of the blogs I follow have gotten this award already. Anyway I can’t really choose so I nominate all you lovely bloggers out there that I follow, you’re all doing a wonderful job and are truly inspiring!




2 Responses to “Sunshine Award – a little late…”

  1. I am also horribly afraid of heights!! Argh! It makes me sweaty just thinking about it.
    Vulcan_Butterfly recently posted..Fyrinnae SwatchesMy Profile

  2. Sminkan says:

    Hej ost-tvilling! Ost utan smak och cream cheese är det enda jag får i mig också! 😀
    Sminkan recently posted..Indigo Bananas Son of FireMy Profile

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