Bloody Halloween Nails

October 31st, 2010

Since it’s Halloween I thought I’d post a little idea I had for a bloody Halloween manicure. And since I feel like scaring you all to death I will start by showing you this… my bare nails!

Ah teh horrorz! That’s what you get for always wearing nail polish..

Anyway, I wanted to do a bloody manicure so I used these things:

A blood red polish (Depend no. 19) and a nude polish (Mavala Reno). The pin is used as a dotting tool, as I don’t own a real one.

So what I did was applying one coat of the nude polish, i probably would have needed more coats since my nails still look yellow. But hey, it’s scarier this way =) Then I put a few drops of the red polish onto a piece of paper, and then dipped the pin in it to paint  along my cuticles. I randomly dragged out some of the polish to make it looks like dripping blood.

And here’s the result!

It was really quick and easy. I know the photos suck, but the sun is now hiding from Sweden..

And with this I wish you all a Happy Halloween!

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